Spiritual011 :: Matt Baldwin :: Imaginary Psychology!

Spiritual Pajamas is proud to announce the vinyl release of Matt Baldwin's LP "Imaginary Psychology".  The limited edition white vinyl and digital download will be released on Tuesday, December 10th.  The vinyl release comes with a 7" bonus flexi disc.

Order "Imaginary Psychology" at:


Matt Baldwin on the Fender Strat, nine-hundred summers gone now, is the last living prophet.  Here is a young man who plays with a technical skill & virtuosity which few of us can ever hope to attain, and he does so rather easily. Wherever you hear this record you will find him.

Matt, he's a genuine auteur, so he composes, performs, records, indeed fashions the production of a music that luxuriates deeply, richly, in its musicality.  We know he's big leagues because the music - VOILA! - transforms wholly, it presents a complete aesthetics, grand and tactfully.

His lucid tapes are for truck drivers, surfers, painters, pilots, miners, lovers, loners, what have you.  You in prayer, you performing surgery, you on the moving sidewalk. 

Here is a music that listens while it transmits, a music that grows and will get to know you, that it may usher you, shamanic, a stalker, to the zone of your own deepest prairies.