Spiritual Pajamas is thrilled to announce the next EP from The Skiffle Players

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After the instant classic and record store rare find "SKIFFLIN’" (2015), The Skiffle Players are ready to release two new works.  On July 20th, the "PIFFLE SAYERS" EP.  The "PIFFLE SAYERS" EP is made up of a few gems from the SKIFFLIN’ sessions, and can be considered a companion piece to their debut LP.  This foreshadows the release of a new full length album scheduled for this fall.

Supergroup, side project, high-school-garage-band-of-brothers-from-other-mothers, whatever you wanna call it, the band formed to play a one off show in Big Sur and had so much fun they’re still at it.  On guitar, Neal Casal (Circles around the Sun) sticks mostly to the acoustic allowing his elegant affinity towards melodic craft to shine. Cass McCombs’ guitar wizardry and acclaimed compositions are at their peak, and his raw, mostly first take vocals bring the core of the song to the forefront.  And when you ask yourself – “What the hell was that sound I just heard!?” - it was probably Farmer Dave, the official leader and founder of the band, his keyboard/lap steel/harmonium work is the glue that holds the flotsam together.  Dan Horne’s bass (Circles around the Sun) and Aaron Sperske’s percussion (Beachwood Sparks) are so intertwined it sounds like each of them are both playing drums and bass at the same time.


Once upon a time, Mollusk Surf shop asked Farmer Dave Scher to put together a band for a concert in Big Sur. Thus the Skiffle Players were born, selected from both Californias - Northern (Cass, Dan) and Southern (Dave and Aaron) plus a New Jersey transplant to Ventura County (Neal) - each meeting at the metaphorical heart of the state, the mythical SUR. The origin concept of the band was to create a new folk fabric from the ashes of tradition - whatever the ashes of tradition means to you.


A matter of debate.  Although The Skiffle Players approach the definition as, broadly, ‘street music’.  Busking. Singing for one’s supper.  Entertaining the passers-by. Make em dance all the way home. The term may have its origin in Memphis jug band music of the 20s. It seems to have emigrated to England with the US soldiers during WW2, and was taken up by a new generation, beginning with Lonnie Donegan, ending with The Quarrymen aka The Beatles. The term then somewhat disappeared.


The Skiffle Players are the very ash to explore that question. From the beginning, no rules. No song off-limits. Everybody sings. No idea is silly enough, for sometimes the absurd is the very device for a cataclysmic rift in the fabric of sound. Of course, it can also end in hilarious catastrophe, and often does - a necessary, cosmic comedic consequence to this fearless approach. Like Kurt Vonnegut and Bo Diddley sharing a surfboard, something interesting is going to happen.

Spiritual 021 :: Mapache

Spiritual Pajamas is honored to announce the debut album from Mapache!

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Close your eyes and imagine the Everly Brothers wearing Tied Dyed Nudie Suits. Okay, now open them. There's Mapache.

Youngn's Clay Finch and Sam Blasucci, the Mapache boys, are barely in their 20s and are already rising to the top of the new wave of West Coast Cosmic Americana. Born and raised in Glendale, California, their breathtaking harmonies and heartfelt yet heady sound, was honed by surfing the beaches and exploring the deserts and canyons of their native California.

Clay spent time at Chico State while Sam missioned in Saltillo, Mexico, living out what would become the songs on their debut album MAPACHE on the Spiritual Pajamas label.  The lineage of MAPACHE has blood running back to the first wave of psychedelic country revivalists Beachwood Sparks. Clay is a cousin of Beachwood main man Chris Gunst. Chris and I went to bat for MAPACHE by helping them score their first club shows and recording sessions with Dan Horne.

Dan eventually produced this album at the vintage analog halls of legendary Valentine Recording Studios, where the tape rolled and captured the live spirited harmony, skillful strumming and genuinely well-crafted songs that everyone from Chris Robinson to Jonathan Richman have fallen in love with. The real charm lies in the simplicity of their voices and the songs that recall a young Gene Clark, The Louvins, Crosby, Stills and Townes ... it's all there and more.

One memorable night they showed up to a GospelbeacH gig with deep surfer tans and big white circles around their eyes just like raccoons...(Mapache is Spanish for Raccoon). The boys set up on stage, sang and played their timeless and soon to be classic songs into a single microphone. Time stood still, and the normally chatty LA crowd closed their mouths and opened their ears and their hearts to Mapache. At that very moment I knew they were on their way.

Brent Rademaker
Los Angeles 2017 

The album will be released on October 6, 2017

Spiritual 019 :: Light Fantastic :: Out of View

Spiritual Pajamas is proud to announce the new record from Light Fantastic!

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You can either take a dreamy glide on the waves of the Pacific Ocean or you can let the waves engulf you...either way your senses take in something that’s not unlike the sparkling music and voices of Light Fantastic.

The sophisticated yet innocent jangle of their debut long player “Out of View” on the Spiritual Pajamas label is a fresh neighbor to the trippy head music for which San Francisco is usually known.  But somehow it lives quite happily in the midst of giant Redwoods, the thick cold waters of the foggy coast, or the laid back urgency of a late night out in the Mission with your head in the clouds.  From The Fillmore, to The Whisky a Go-Go, to The Hacienda in Manchester, the 10 songs on “Out of View” work as a sort of View Master/Time Machine..."feels like I’ve been here before"…and you wanna stay for a while and smile.

Terry Sowers, chief songwriter armed with his trusty Rickenbacker 6-string and melancholy vocal/lyric delivery, powers the Light Fantastic.  Bassman Jeremy Bringetto hooks you in with his super melodic but well-rounded bass lines while Rachel Hoiem twinkles and pads the songs with her keyboards and harmonies.  Recording mastermind Rex Shelverton and his colorful guitar comes through like a light house in heavy fog lighting the way for the group and Terry’s tunes to take you on a trip.  This ain't what you call surf rock but you'll find these guys out on every swell.  And if you do surf, these are the tunes that are in your head while you’re paddling for the next wave...the next wave?  LIGHT FANTASTIC

--Brent Rademaker - Beachwood Sparks/Tyde/GospelbeacH
  Southern California, summer 2016

The release date is Friday, October 7th.

Spiritual 018 :: The Tyde :: Darren 4

Spiritual Pajamas is proud to announce the new record from The Tyde!

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A lazy decade since 2006's "Three's Co." (Rough Trade) and after 3 failed attempts we bring you "Darren 4" the new record from The Tyde. Songs of sea, sex and sand sprinkled with goodbyes, divorce, truthful situations and perhaps a few laughs. Joining Darren Rademaker on this journey are familiar members Brother Brent Rademaker (Beachwood Sparks), Ben Knight and Colby Buddelmeyer along with new faces Bobby Rodriguez on keys, Richard Gowen (Jonathan Wilson, Vetiver, Nick Waterhouse) on drums, Andres Renteria on percussion and longtime friend and cohort Neal Casal (Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals) on guitar throughout, with very special guest Bernard Butler (of 90s Brit legends SUEDE) on guitar and co-vocals on “The Curse In Reverse”. The songs are fleshed out with some lovely backing vocals from Paige Stark, Chelsea Larkin and Rachel Dean.

"LA's perennial coast and canyon outfit rinse the salt off with Darren 4, their first LP in a decade. Two decades in, led by the Zelig-like Darren Rademaker, the Tyde remain kitted out in a unique bouillabaisse of sound often imitated yet never duplicated. It's not gossip if it's true. Kooks take note."
       -- Justin Gage, Aquarium Drunkard

The release date is Friday, September 9th.

Spiritual 015 :: Cellar Doors :: Frost / Prism 7"

Spiritual Pajamas is thrilled to announce the new 7" from Cellar Doors!

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“Depeche Mode and Joy Division robbed the biggest bank in London, and in the safe they found Cellar Doors. I love music you can rob a bank to and this does that for me.”
                                                                           — Alex Maas (The Black Angels)

Hailing from San Francisco by way of Southern California, Cellar Doors are blowing up fast within the thriving California psych scene.

Leading exponents of what is being called the third wave of psychedelic sound; they have been coaxed out of their thriving underground scene for support slots via invitation from the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Roky Erickson, Toy, Allah-Las, Mystic Braves and Alex Maas (Black Angels), among others.

Their much anticipated debut album is one of the most hotly tipped in recent times around the Bay Area, dripping with pure power psych melody overlaid onto undulating walls of sound.  Powerful, brooding and danceable at the same time, it is at once timeless and cutting edge.

Lead single “Frost” sounds like “helicopter blades cutting through thick black molasses,” tearing out of the speakers as if it were a forgotten classic on the jukebox of some far- away planet, conveying the simple electricity of attraction while staring at one’s own life in a hall of warped mirrors.  Released in a limited edition on white vinyl by Spiritual Pajamas the single is accompanied by a video from English director Nathan Seabrook.

The 7" single will be released on February 26, 2016.