Spiritual013 :: Seventeen Evergreen :: Epiphanie Solaire

Spiritual Pajamas is honored to present the new EP from Seventeen Evergreen, "Epiphanie Solaire".  The limited edition vinyl and digital download will be released on Friday, September 25th.

A duo comprised of Caleb Pate and Nephi Evans, Seventeen Evergreen threads their psychedelic rock with electronic experimentation.

In the last ten years, the San Francisco two-piece has put out a number of releases on UK label Lucky Number Music and their own Pacific Radio Fire imprint. The limited-edition Epiphanie Solaire is their latest EP and first on Spiritual Pajamas.

** “White kids listen up.. a cum diamond about to make you see god.. this is a solar album for sure.. fast and sad.. but with the beauty of a sinking sun.. Nephi and Caleb of Seventeen Evergreen have made something epiphonic..”   ~Dr. Diamond Breath

** “Epiphanie Solaire.. like the Chilean observatory on the cover {ALMA} brings us the stars.. Song constellations that culminate with a better version of Captain Beefheart’s ‘Observatory Crest’..”   ~John Dylan, Professor of Magic, John Wayne University

** “ Basking in the golden hour of the sun.. dream pop me.. desert rock me.. ignite me and all my fun.. let this album soothe you.. and be of taste.. sounding better in French.. tasting better at brunch..”   ~BourgieGangster

** “ While the city was busy we wanted to rest. She decided to drive up to observatory crest. We’d just saw a concert and heard all the best. We went on a ride, we got outside. The sand was hot, she wanted to dance.”   ~Captain Beefheart 

** “Give me my ALMA.. my sinking sun.. give me my apocalypse.. give me my epiphanie solaire..”   ~Chilean Prophecy

Spiritual011 :: Matt Baldwin :: Imaginary Psychology!

Spiritual Pajamas is proud to announce the vinyl release of Matt Baldwin's LP "Imaginary Psychology".  The limited edition white vinyl and digital download will be released on Tuesday, December 10th.  The vinyl release comes with a 7" bonus flexi disc.

Pre-order "Imaginary Psychology" at:


Matt Baldwin on the Fender Strat, nine-hundred summers gone now, is the last living prophet.  Here is a young man who plays with a technical skill & virtuosity which few of us can ever hope to attain, and he does so rather easily. Wherever you hear this record you will find him.

Matt, he's a genuine auteur, so he composes, performs, records, indeed fashions the production of a music that luxuriates deeply, richly, in its musicality.  We know he's big leagues because the music - VOILA! - transforms wholly, it presents a complete aesthetics, grand and tactfully.

His lucid tapes are for truck drivers, surfers, painters, pilots, miners, lovers, loners, what have you.  You in prayer, you performing surgery, you on the moving sidewalk. 
Here is a music that listens while it transmits, a music that grows and will get to know you, that it may usher you, shamanic, a stalker, to the zone of your own deepest prairies.

Spiritual012 :: Mammatus :: Heady Mental!

Spiritual Pajamas is honored to present the new LP from Mammatus, "Heady Mental".  The limited edition colored vinyl and digital download will be released on Tuesday, November 26th.

Pre-order "Heady Mental" at:


If you've seen Mammatus clouds in person, you probably noticed the way those massive formations hang heavy like wilting and bulbous grey-blue sacs, bubbling from heaven towards us. As monstrous as they look, these gentle giants curiously are not portents of a storm, they cradle the sky, high above where they belong. How can something so heavy float?

If you've seen Mammatus, the band in concert, you probably noticed how visual their sound is. Guitarist Nicholas Emmert, in one-piece full-body flight-suit, bassist Chris Freels dons space cape, and drummer Aaron Emmert steering the ship, staring straight ahead with flashing laser eyewear. The homespun wizard-cum-trippy dad at a campfire look that they've adopted softens the blow of the heavy aural trickery afoot.

Heady Mental is the perfect title for the third Mammatus album, for it rests heavily in the moldy caverns of heavy metal history, but doesn't get too comfortable there. It quickly shows it's true colors: This is music for flight, music for the sky, and music for the things that lay beyond. These men are searching for the source through sound. Repetitions of themes with variants are spread over four separate songs that act as a whole. This record functions as a soundtrack to the Mammatus Brain. Heavy/Airy, Earth/Sky, Man/Creator, Complete and Grok'd.

If you need the obligatory band reference you could start by imagining what The Fucking Champs IV would have sounded like had they been more into the McLaughlin / Santana LP "Love, Devotion, Surrender" instead of Iron Maiden's "Piece of Mind".

Spiritual Pajamas :: The Entrance Band :: Dans La Tempete EP!

Spiritual Pajamas is honored to present the new EP from The Entrance Band, "Dans La Tempete".  The limited 12" vinyl and digital download will be released on Tuesday, August 6th.

The EP can be pre-ordered at:


“Anybody seen a knight pass this way
I saw him playing chess with Death yesterday
His crusade was a search for God and they say
It's been a long way to carry on” - Scott Walker

This lyric could easily summarize the life and times of The Entrance Band.  Always evolving, building and destroying with each live performance and release.  Still water is death, constant progression is the only wave to ride upon.  Guy Blakeslee, Paz Lenchantin and Derek James have continually advanced The Entrance Band into a diverse trio that merges the freak-outs of the rock underground with a universal melody and groove that keeps their musical vessel set on the path of exploration -- arrival and departure are the same in this galaxy.  The unique and purely original sound of these three artists playing together is not limited to popular scenes, styles, or sonics.  The Entrance Band feed on the kind of psychedelic-blues-rituals, tribal-funk-hypnosis, and space-punk-telepathy that Kurt, Jimi, Fela, and Arthur Lee would be jamming to up in the cosmos as they look down to see where the deep roots of their psychedelic tree has spread.

“Dans La Tempete” marks The Entrance Band's second release for Spiritual Pajamas following up last year's instrumental EP “Fine Flow”.  “Dans La Tempete” features soon to be classic covers of Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac’s "The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown) and Scott Walker's “The Seventh Seal".  Three Entrance Band originals show the way forward.  The garage howl of "Back In The City", the spiritual storm of "Le Manque" and the sublime groove of instrumental "Mellow Fantastic" anticipate tomorrow’s journeys as we eagerly await what lies ahead.

“And as the thunder cracked they were gone”.

Spiritual 008 :: Light Fantastic :: Debut EP!

Spiritual Pajamas is proud to present the debut release of Light Fantastic.  The 12" EP will be released on Tuesday, June 25th.

The EP can be pre-ordered at:


When we first met the man behind Light Fantastic, Terry Sowers was singing harmonies and playing guitar in the Farmer Dave Scher band. His introduction to the stage was a diving-head-first experience, playing alongside one of his musical heroes as support for acts like Jenny and Johnny and Conor Oberst.

However, Sowers was also sitting on a treasure chest of his own songs, fine-tuning a sound he’d developed for years, mostly alone, in his Victorian apartment in San Francisco. Teaming up with Jeremy Bringetto (Vue, Bellavista, Tamaryn), the two worked this set of bedroom pop sketches into what can be described as a modern take on California -- as much Southern California as an expression of the Bay Area. This dreamy, surfy shoegaze views an age of innocence through the idyllic lens of reflection and personal nostalgia, like the pure, happy memories of a long-lost love. It’s no surprise that the songs’ author hails from the hot suburbs of Los Angeles and that his compositions string together a sincere sense of personal displacement and longing for home. When Sowers and Bringetto brought their song ideas to Rex Shelverton, who was in the midst of producing Tamaryn’s latest album, a strange but harmonious union was born of light and dark. Shelverton’s homegrown version of Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound was the perfect complement to songs that evoked Laurel Canyon, Carol Kaye and mid-’60s Brian Wilson California optimism.

The Light Fantastic EP is sunny, hopeful and dreamy, and even in its darkest moments, aims to uplift and offer good company. Though only four songs, it delves deep to tell the story of a protagonist’s journey through the seasons of life. As the complex opening keys of “Falling Through” fade in, it’s as if the sun is about to break through a thin layer of fog. And it does, as the rest of the band triumphantly kicks in with a set of pained and lovelorn tunes that channel Chris Bell and Alex Chilton via Jan and Dean -- a power pop delight as seen through the eyes of surf-crazed coastal dwellers. The EP closes with the sleepy, slow burn soul ballad of Skip Spence's "All Come to Meet Her", a song from Spence's infamous solo album Oar.

The 12" EP is being released digitally and physically in a limited edition pressing of 500 copies.