Spiritual016 :: Mammatus :: Sparkling Waters

Spiritual Pajamas is thrilled to announce the release on the new Mammatus LP, "Sparkling Waters"

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Heavy space rock outsiders Mammatus return with their fourth album, and their most ambitious to date.  Sparkling Waters is a double LP featuring four multi-movement pieces, each designed to recalibrate the shanga array in your mind.  In order to achieve the highest levels of sensatory clarity, the group enlisted Phil Manley (Trans Am, Life Coach) as their guiding light throughout the studio production.  As a result these tracks shimmer with a far out, casual glow, like an aural reflection of a Risan steam pool. 

On Sparkling Waters, Mammatus expand upon the astral grooves and heady riffs of their previous compositions and set a course for the furthest horizon.  Celestial arpeggiations of electric guitar ricochet infinitely across vast expanses of cosmic debris.  Heavy riffs thunder with a rhythmic groove, like the exploding coast of Ornia spoken of in days past.  Pastoral passages of mellow, slow burning psychedelia give way to Native American flute melodies and the chanting of spiritual incantations filtered through canyons of delay.  Heavenly dual guitar leads soar like a hawk gliding over a mountainside redwood canopy.  Radiant synthesizers harmonize to create a shape shifting formation of ambient space that envelops the rock and in some places completely takes over. 

Sparkling Waters is bound to appeal to a wide range of discerning listeners, as it incorporates elements of heavy riff rock, prog, and breath metal while it also features the enhancing sonic textures of kosmische sound coloration, soaring synth leads, and astral voyages through deep space.  This amalgamation of tones is presented in a way that is wholly original, casting Mammatus as the solitary practitioners of a unique sound that was invented with the express purpose of making you feel.....shanga.  So breathe deeply, strap on those headphones, drop the needle, and get far out.

The double gatefold LP will be released on November 20th, 2015

Spiritual014 :: Magic Trick :: Half Man Half Machine

Spiritual Pajamas is excited to present the new LP from Magic Trick, "Half Man Half Machine".

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Sound structure or randomness will fill the mind with a certain primal need for an Evolution that inherently limits the Imagination.  Half Man Half Machine, the latest Magic Trick release, builds and then explores a sonic landscape that is constantly in bloom.  Whether it be in the slipstream and eddying of triumphant washes of melody, in the serpentining elegance of percussive brambles, or in the perseverance of the laconic lilt, woven upon revelations of transcendence and frailty from the mouth of Tim Cohen, one is invited into a landscape that shifts and grows based on its own, ulterior, nature...and one must only Listen to find it for themselves.  Listen to the kalimba, metronome, cymbal washes, shaker rattles, mercurial guitars, raga feel, glockenspiel, low frequency rumble, subtle synthesizer, tabla loops; listen to the glowing of pride, the soft self-consciousness, the deflecting surrealism of your guides tongue; let yourself feel swept in its sonic orgy of change and realization; there is form for you to hold, there is path for you to plant, you must allow these sounds, these stories, to envelop your senses, you must let them wash through you, guide you to the structure that looms elusive under the roar - it is trying to tell you something and you have no choice but to feel and listen to the tapestry enveloping you, inviting you into its myriad and continually growing current and unknown direction.  One must Listen closely to this record, there is a chemistry of sound and creativity, perched at its cups every edge, that brings an organic and expansive stroke of structure, cohesiveness, imagination and honest human transformation to a time most pummeled by the strictness of the machine.

Let its sonic humanity inspire…        --Tyson Vogel (Two Gallants/Devotionals)

The LP will be released on November 6th, 2015

Spiritual013 :: Seventeen Evergreen :: Epiphanie Solaire

Spiritual Pajamas is honored to present the new EP from Seventeen Evergreen, "Epiphanie Solaire".

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A duo comprised of Caleb Pate and Nephi Evans, Seventeen Evergreen threads their psychedelic rock with electronic experimentation.

In the last ten years, the San Francisco two-piece has put out a number of releases on UK label Lucky Number Music and their own Pacific Radio Fire imprint. The limited-edition Epiphanie Solaire is their latest EP and first on Spiritual Pajamas.

** “White kids listen up.. a cum diamond about to make you see god.. this is a solar album for sure.. fast and sad.. but with the beauty of a sinking sun.. Nephi and Caleb of Seventeen Evergreen have made something epiphonic..”   ~Dr. Diamond Breath

** “Epiphanie Solaire.. like the Chilean observatory on the cover {ALMA} brings us the stars.. Song constellations that culminate with a better version of Captain Beefheart’s ‘Observatory Crest’..”   ~John Dylan, Professor of Magic, John Wayne University

** “ Basking in the golden hour of the sun.. dream pop me.. desert rock me.. ignite me and all my fun.. let this album soothe you.. and be of taste.. sounding better in French.. tasting better at brunch..”   ~BourgieGangster

** “ While the city was busy we wanted to rest. She decided to drive up to observatory crest. We’d just saw a concert and heard all the best. We went on a ride, we got outside. The sand was hot, she wanted to dance.”   ~Captain Beefheart 

** “Give me my ALMA.. my sinking sun.. give me my apocalypse.. give me my epiphanie solaire..”   ~Chilean Prophecy

Spiritual011 :: Matt Baldwin :: Imaginary Psychology!

Spiritual Pajamas is proud to announce the vinyl release of Matt Baldwin's LP "Imaginary Psychology".  The limited edition white vinyl and digital download will be released on Tuesday, December 10th.  The vinyl release comes with a 7" bonus flexi disc.

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Matt Baldwin on the Fender Strat, nine-hundred summers gone now, is the last living prophet.  Here is a young man who plays with a technical skill & virtuosity which few of us can ever hope to attain, and he does so rather easily. Wherever you hear this record you will find him.

Matt, he's a genuine auteur, so he composes, performs, records, indeed fashions the production of a music that luxuriates deeply, richly, in its musicality.  We know he's big leagues because the music - VOILA! - transforms wholly, it presents a complete aesthetics, grand and tactfully.

His lucid tapes are for truck drivers, surfers, painters, pilots, miners, lovers, loners, what have you.  You in prayer, you performing surgery, you on the moving sidewalk. 

Here is a music that listens while it transmits, a music that grows and will get to know you, that it may usher you, shamanic, a stalker, to the zone of your own deepest prairies.

Spiritual012 :: Mammatus :: Heady Mental!

Spiritual Pajamas is honored to present the new LP from Mammatus, "Heady Mental".  The limited edition colored vinyl and digital download will be released on Tuesday, November 26th.

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If you've seen Mammatus clouds in person, you probably noticed the way those massive formations hang heavy like wilting and bulbous grey-blue sacs, bubbling from heaven towards us. As monstrous as they look, these gentle giants curiously are not portents of a storm, they cradle the sky, high above where they belong. How can something so heavy float?

If you've seen Mammatus, the band in concert, you probably noticed how visual their sound is. Guitarist Nicholas Emmert, in one-piece full-body flight-suit, bassist Chris Freels dons space cape, and drummer Aaron Emmert steering the ship, staring straight ahead with flashing laser eyewear. The homespun wizard-cum-trippy dad at a campfire look that they've adopted softens the blow of the heavy aural trickery afoot.

Heady Mental is the perfect title for the third Mammatus album, for it rests heavily in the moldy caverns of heavy metal history, but doesn't get too comfortable there. It quickly shows it's true colors: This is music for flight, music for the sky, and music for the things that lay beyond. These men are searching for the source through sound. Repetitions of themes with variants are spread over four separate songs that act as a whole. This record functions as a soundtrack to the Mammatus Brain. Heavy/Airy, Earth/Sky, Man/Creator, Complete and Grok'd.

If you need the obligatory band reference you could start by imagining what The Fucking Champs IV would have sounded like had they been more into the McLaughlin / Santana LP "Love, Devotion, Surrender" instead of Iron Maiden's "Piece of Mind".